Balloon Arrangements

Balloon Arrangements in Newbury

We at Pageant Party have been providing high quality balloon arrangements for many years, offering a wide range to choose from and continue to add more to our range. Balloons are a great way to decorate your venue for any event you can think of, such as Birthdays, Anniversary’s and Weddings. There are more ways to decorate with balloons than just tying them to chairs, view our Gallery below for some examples of what balloon arrangements we can offer you.

We are sure you will see something  that you like however bespoke decoration are not out of the question. The internet is a useful place to find inspiration, and if you have seen something you would like us to recreate, just ask. We may not be able to create exactly what you have seen, however we will do our best to cater to your needs.

If you have found some Balloons that you really love, we can inflate them in our Newbury store.

It is difficult to stock all of the balloon designs in the world and because we want you to have the best event, we are happy to inflate helium quality balloons that have not been purchased from us. The charge depends on the size and type of Balloon, and we cannot replace balloons which pop or are faulty, and will still charge for the cost of the Helium used.

How long Do Helium Filled Balloons Last?

Helium filled latex balloons will only last around 12 – 15 hours, at their best. Foil Helium filled balloons can last up to a week. After this they will begin to deflate and will not have the same effect. This is important to remember when ordering your balloons, as we always recommend collecting them on the same day as the event.

We are able to use a solution called HiFloat to extend the life of latex balloons for 1-2 days. If you do wish to have your balloons with HiFloat, please place your order at least two days before you need them. It is best if you can collect them as late as possible, especially if the balloons are for the following day.

Avoid any extreme temperatures when storing helium balloons, room temperature is always best. If it is too hot, Helium will expand and may burst the balloons. If it is too cold, Helium will contract and they will no longer float. Avoid leaving them in a car for long periods of time.

How to Order:

You can either visit our shop in person or call us on 01635 552244. We always think it is best for you to come into the shop so you can see the colours and choose the right ones, as we want to make sure you get exactly what you want. It is best to order your balloons at least a week in advance. Please note that we do not blow up any balloons unless they have been paid for. We are able to take payment over the phone, if you wish to place your order that way. Our balloons are available for collection or delivery, cost is normally between £5-£10 for local venues.