This Green Glitter mini top hat is an adult one size.


Green Glitter Mini Top Hat

This Green Glitter mini top hat, from Smiffy’s, is a smaller alternative to your standard top hat. This is a small top hat covered in emerald green glitter and a netted overlay. This small hat comes with a green headband which will thread through the base of the hat to keep it in place.

Perfect for St Patrick’s Day events to show your Irish pride. Wear this with an Irish flag as a cape to stand out. You can also use this for an Around the World themed fancy dress party.

To best store this hat, do not put anything heavy on top as it will dent. If dented, the hat and may not get back into it’s original shape. When being stored and worn hats can become a little dirty through time and most dust or hairs can be brushed off using a clothes brush.

This Green Glitter mini top hat is an adult one size.