If you have long hair or find wigs uncomfortable, try wearing a wig cap underneath.

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Rainbow Afro Wig

This rainbow Afro wig is a brightly coloured curly afro. This item is one size and comes on elastic, so can stretch to fit many head sizes. This wig is perfect to create a classic funny Clown costume. Pair this with a red nose, colourful accessories and big shoes. This is also a fun wig to use for a wig party, you will really stand out.

Wearing Your Rainbow Afro Wig

Most wigs may need a shake and tease before use, due to their packaging. If you have long hair or find wigs uncomfortable try using a wig cap underneath. Using a hairband, bunch your hair in a ponytail or bun, and the top of your head. Tilting your head forward, place the back of the wig to the back of your head. Stretch the rest of the wig so it fits and covers the front of your hair.

Wig Care

All wigs are made with synthetic hair, so are not suitable for use with heating products, such as straighteners. If you feel you need to wash your wig, use cold water, and no harsh shampoos or soaps. Once dry, restyle, if needed, using your hands or a wide tooth comb.