Newbury Traditional Sweets

To continue the party theme, Pageant Party is now stocking a range of traditional sweets.  The sweets are the old traditional favourites served from jars.  so why not enjoy your trip down memory lane and remember those sweets that you Gran used to give you.  Whether they be the Cola Cubes, Wine Gums or Bon Bons, we have your sweets from your childhood.  Suitable for any occasion whether it be for your wedding, children’s party or just to treat yourself.  We are continually trying to add to our range.  Served as individual portions to suit your needs, and with a simple pricing policy you have the flexibility to have the sweets you want and as many of them, or of course you can mix and match.  So unlike when you buy a packet of sweets, you now have the option to have as little or many of your favorited sweet.

These sweets are served in individual portions starting at 100g.  you can of course have as many as you wish.

So why not come in and have a look and savour the taste of your favourite sweet in your mouth again.


A small selection of our sweets

jelly-beankola cubesBlack-Jacks1pear dropsRosey-Apples-1BON-BOI-RAPwinegums

Jelly Beans

Cola Cubes

Black Jacks

Pear Drops

Rosy Apples




We at Pageant Party have tried to keep the pricing as simple and as affordable as possible.

All sweets are priced at 0.85 pence per 100g.  This allows you the customer to pick at choose your sweets and get a full mixture and selection, regardless of how much you spend


Party Bags

Another service that Pageant Party provides is party bags.  Why not come in and order a selection of party bags.  Ideal for any party including weddings and children parties.  All you need to do is give a few days notice and we will make up your bags of sweets ready for you to collect (we can deliver for a small charge)  The cost is still great value at 0.85 pence per 100g.